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The first twenty paintings of Thunderbird were painted between 1997 and 2005, with two more paintings added to the series in 2008 and 2011. Seventeen of them were painted in oil, with four in gouache and watercolour and just one in acrylic.

The original paintings are not for sale, however copies can be painted to order, also signed, limited edition prints of some of Thunderbird are available. I hope to eventually make the whole of Thunderbird available as prints.

The theme of the entire work is that of a celebration of life, as seen by First Americans, and as I see it in their paintings, sculptures, jewellery, beadwork and textiles. That powerful Spirit of life forms is even depicted in wall paintings and the huge geoglyphs that emblazon the Plains of Nazca in Peru.

First Americans have an innate knowledge and wisdom relating to the ‘balance of nature’ and ecology. Most importantly the vast majority of First Americans have a great empathy with the earth and its diverse species of Flora and Fauna.

Enough of words – let the paintings speak!

The originals in this series are not available for sale, but I can paint an authorised copy of any picture in this series on request.

Wisdom of the Ancients



Birth of the Thunderbird


The Sweat Lodge

Turtle Totem

Thunderbird Totem


Fire Medicine

Precious Legacy

Four Corners






Gods and Hunter

Whale, Wolf, Snake
and Thunderbird

Pastures New

The Last Deer

Monarch Butterfly