Pastures New

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Pastures New

Kiowa moving to their winter camp. The First Americans of The Plains were very careful (unlike their white counterparts) to promote crop rotation and were very aware of not over - cultivating land. They were careful to replace what they had taken out of the soil, and did not over-fish, or hunt animals to extinction. Therefore they found it necessary to move camp quite frequently.

Remember that it was white Americans who created the Great Dust Bowl and initiated the demise of the Buffalo. It was also white settlers who introduced the America’s indigenous people to ‘firewater’ and taught them how to take scalps.

The original of this picture, was painted on the wall of the US Post Office in Anardarko, Oklahoma, by Kiowa Brave, Stephen Mopope in 1937.

My own painting has another aspect, that of moving form the Physical Plane to the Happy Hunting Ground, hence the cosmos behind the riders.

Authorised copies repainted to order: 30x40 cms. £250.00 inc frame and UK p+p